Zeva’s new design Z2 still flies like ‘Superman,’ but more efficiently

To that end, Zeva has designed Z2. It has a wider stance and swings larger propellers, improving stability on the ground and in the air and providing more efficient flight than its predecessor.

The Z2 is a single-passenger eVTOL aircraft that can switch between hover and forward flight modes while traveling at a leisurely 160 mph (258 kph). Flying the aircraft manually, remotely, or autonomously is all options that are currently accessible. The aircraft is a tailsitter with four electric motor-driven propellers. The aircraft’s maximum cargo weight is 220 lb (100 kg), and its range is 50 miles (80 km). The aircraft uses a battery as a source of power.

The aircraft is intended for military operations, freight deliveries, search and rescue operations, and personal transportation.

Looking like a flying saucer

The Z2’s blended-wing design gives it the appearance of a flying saucer. According to the manufacturer, Z2 combines the greatest aspects of a multicopter with a streamlined wing for increased efficiency and range. The aircraft, a tailsitter, turns to a horizontal posture when it transitions to forward flight from a vertical starting position. As a result, during takeoff and when the aircraft transitions to forward flight, the pilot, or passenger, is in a standing position.

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