Video of extreme low landing of Wizz Air Airbus A321 at Skiathos Airport, Greece goes viral

A video of a Wizz Air Airbus A321 (registered HA-LZT) landing at Skiathos Airport in Greece is currently going viral on social media. The footage, captured on 5 August, shows the A321 landing from flight W68447 from Naples, Italy. 

Tourists and plane spotters are surprised to see the aircraft approaching the runway barely passing the perimeter fence. The jet blast is blowing away sand and dust, and a sun hat.

Surprisingly, the local authorities doesn’t seem to do much to prevent access to the dangerous area. Back in June, an elderly man was blown into the sea due to jet blast of a departing aircraft and in July, a British woman suffered brain injuries after she was knocked onto the ground from another aircraft that was taking off.

Plane spotting is a nice hobby, but keep it safe ….

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