US has ambitious reforestation plans: Planting 1 billion trees

Joe Fargione, science director for North America at the Nature Conservancy, told AP that reforested stands need to be less dense with trees to be less fire-prone.

“You’ve got to be smart about where you plant,” Fargione said. “There are some places where the climate has already changed enough that it makes the probability of successfully reestablishing trees pretty low.”

Wildfires can be the result of natural events or human-made.

Human-made causes mostly come about due to carelessness and account for 90 percent of forest fires. An unattended campfire or an unextinguished cigarette butt are some examples of these events.

Other common man-made fire risks are burning debris, fireworks, and accidental or intentional arson.

Naturally, a fire can also arise from lightning, a naturally occuring event. When lightning strikes trees, power cables, or any other combustible material, it can easily and quickly lead to wildfires.

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