Unsuspecting farmer discovers Jurassic marine world in his field

Now, a team of paleontologists has begun investigating the remains of the fish, ancient marine reptiles, squids, rare insects, and more contained within three-dimensionally preserved limestone concretions, according to a press release by the University of Manchester. Together, these finds all showcase a time when this part of the country was deep underwater.

The newly found site is located at Court Farm, Kings Stanley near Stroud, Gloucestershire, and was discovered by Sally and Neville Hollingworth, avid fossil collectors.

Experts can easily spot excellent details of the prehistoric animals’ scales, fins, and even their eyeballs in the finds. There was even a three-dimensionally preserved fish head, belonging to a type of Jurassic fish called Pachycormus, that looks as if it is ‘leaping off the rock’ that it was contained in.

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