United Airlines Boeing 777 aborts take-off at Amsterdam after smoke enters cabin

On 2 September, a United Airlines Boeing 777-200 (registered N787UA) operated flight UA71 between Amsterdam Schiphol, The Netherlands and New York Newark, United States. The aircraft – carrying 253 passengers and 13 crew members – taxied towards the Polderbaan for take-off.

During acceleration on the runway, however, the pilots decided to stop the take-off roll. The aircraft safely stopped. Smoke appeared inside the cabin, two passengers suffered from symptoms of smoke inhalation.

Emergency services rushed to the aircraft to examine passengers and aircraft. The decision was made to evacuate the aircraft with assistance of the fire department.

The passengers were bussed back to the terminal, the aircraft safely returned to the apron.

The airline made arrangements to get its customers to destination as soon as possible.

Dutch aviation authorities are investigating the mishap.

After being grounded, the aircraft is scheduled to depart Amsterdam Schiphol for Newark.

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