Two men killed in crash of sports plane in Zwarte Meer, The Netherlands

Blackshape BS-115 PH-TRC at Lelystad © JetPhotos

Two occupants of a sports plane were killed this morning in a crash in the Zwarte Meer, The Netherlands. It concerns a training aircraft from Lelystad. The wreck has been found, but the salvage work is not easy because of the shallowness.

The plane, a Blackshape Prime BS115 registered PH-TRC, disappeared from the radar just after 11:00 and crashed into the water between Genemuiden and Kraggenburg for unknown reasons. A 63-year-old instructor from the flying school “Zelf Vliegen” and a 24-year-old pilot in training for Transavia were killed in the fatal crash.

Albert Post from Genemuiden saw how the plane got into trouble over his head. According to the farmer, the plane had engine problems and some loud bangs were heard. The engine failed and the plane crashed straight down. 

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