TUI fly Netherlands will no longer move flights from Amsterdam Schiphol to Liège in August

Contrary to the announcement earlier this week, TUI fly Netherlands will not have to move flights from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Liège in August. This is no longer necessary, a TUI spokesperson reported to the portal, because the airport has informed the tour operator that fewer seats need to be cancelled than previously expected.

It is very unfortunate that this can cause confusion among holidaymakers after they have received previous messages about a change. On Monday 4 July, the travellers concerned will receive a notification about this. personal e-mail from us,” the spokeswoman continues.

In the meantime, TUI advises travellers not to cancel the August trip to/from Liège, to book or to book additional services such as airport transfers or a hotel stay. Detailed information will follow on Monday for the travellers concerned.

From 7 July, TUI fly Netherlands will base two aircraft in Liège, a Boeing 767-300ER and a Boeing 737-800. They will thus return to Schiphol in august.

TUI fly Netherlands flights that have been moved from Schiphol to Rotterdam The Hague airport will not change: they remain scheduled in Rotterdam.

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