Transavia limits as much as possible impact of Amsterdam Schiphol restrictions on passengers

Transavia Boeing 737-800 with Split Scimitar winglets

Transavia has limited the impact on passengers on their flights as much as possible with a number of measures, such as firmly limiting the sale of tickets and switching the fleet from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and Eindhoven. Unfortunately, flight cancellations are also necessary to comply with the reduction in capacity. For the period from 7 July to 14 August, this concerns 240 flights.

Among other things, Transavia looked at flights that are flown more often in a day and flights that can also be reached via the other airports. In this way, approximately 70% of the affected passengers can be offered an alternative flight. The passengers for whom there was no alternative will immediately receive a refund of the ticket costs or can postpone their trip to another moment (28 Aug 2022 – March 2023). The reason for these interventions is the shortage of staff at Schiphol this summer and the mandatory reduction in capacity for the airlines.

Transavia is today informing all affected passengers flying between 7 July and 14 August. In this way, passengers who go on holiday in the first weeks of August also have as much clarity as possible about their journey. In mid-July, when the slot coordinator announces how much Transavia must reduce its capacity for the period from 1 to 28 August, Transavia will inform passengers flying between 15 and 28 August. And additional cancellations may be necessary for the first two weeks of August. Transavia has also decided to reduce its capacity for part of August so that more passengers can obtain clarity about whether or not their booked journey will continue.

Alternative Solutions

When cancelling bookings, Transavia also looked as much as possible at other solutions for passengers, such as departure from another airport or departure on another day. This has been successful for 70% of the total of more than 13,000 bookings and passengers are offered an alternative flight. They can choose this, or request a refund. No immediate solution was found for the other 30% of the bookings. They were immediately refunded the cost of the ticket or can rebook their ticket for the period after August 28 without costs.

Transavia deeply regrets that it has to disappoint passengers due to this capacity reduction as a result of the staff shortage at Schiphol,” said Marcel de Nooijer, CEO of Transavia. “After two corona years, many Dutch people were ready for a carefree journey again. We do everything we can to allow as many passengers as possible to travel and can offer the majority of travellers an alternative. But there is a group that is being duped by this reduction in capacity. That hurts. Disappointing passengers goes completely against our customer focus, we like to give as many travellers as possible a nice holiday. We also need it to be able to fly again in order to become financially healthy. This is a huge blow to our passengers and to our company. The forced reduction of the number of passengers is highly undesirable and must be a one-off and short-lived.

Sales from the airports in Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Brussels will remain open, although the flights there are now filling up quickly. Should capacity nevertheless become available with departure from Amsterdam Airport, because rebooked passengers do not use the alternative offered, the sale of tickets at Amsterdam will be reopened.

Affected passengers will be informed today if their flight is cancelled. Passengers who have booked through a tour operator or travel agent will receive the information through them.

Passengers can also check the status of their flight on My Transavia. All information about the flights that are cancelled is shared on the website.

Schiphol, June 22, 2022

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