The world’s largest offshore wind farm, powering 1.4 million homes, is now live

The Hornsea 2

Located 55 miles (89 km) off the coast of Yorkshire, Hornsea 2 is adjacent to the Hornsea 1 project and is designed to tap into the strong winds of the North Sea and generate clean energy.

The project is housed in an area of 462 sq. km. equivalent to 64,000 football fields. Housed in this large area, about half the size of New York City, are 165 wind turbines sourced from the turbine maker Siemens Gamesa.

We have covered massive turbines, some of which the company can make with recyclable blades. However, for this project, the 8MW turbines have been used. The press release said that each turbine blade is 265 feet (81 m) long, and the blade tip reaches a height of 656 feet (200 m) above sea level.

One revolution of the turbine can power an average home in the U.K. for 24 hours, while the entire project will help power over 1.4 million homes in the U.K. with clean and renewable energy. A 242-mile (390 km) subsea cable will carry the power generated at Hornsea to the shore at Horseshoe Point in Lincolnshire.

The world's largest offshore wind farm, powering 1.4 million homes, is now live

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The significance of the project

Hornsea 2 may have started as a project to provide greener energy, but in the current circumstances will end up being much more. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has raised energy prices in Europe while raising concerns about energy security. As a significant gas supplier to Europe, Russia is in a position to abruptly stop the energy supply to the region and wreak havoc on the industries and its people.

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