The rarely known missile that took down Al Qaeda’s top leader

Washington Post reported that the missile has six rotating blades that emerge as the weapon approaches its target, and these can also be retracted. Its mode of action has earned the weapon nicknames like the flying Ginsu, knife bomb, and Ninja bomb.

Images released on social media allege that the Al Qaeda leader was killed on the balcony of the building. So, it is likely that the R9X Hellfire did not have to penetrate the structure, although it is capable of doing so. There also appears to be a precise hole in the building, Gizmodo said in its report. Apart from that, there is no damage to the exterior of the building where the terrorist leader was staying.

In August 2021, as the U.S. troops were preparing to leave Afghanistan, a drone strike that was carried out at a suspected ISIS-K terrorist claimed the life of a civilian relief worker and nine more people, of which seven were children. The public backlash over these actions may have had a part to play in the selection of the weapon for this strike.

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