The new runway in Linköping is inaugurated – Airport reopens after one month

For five years, the work to move runway 11/29 at Linköping Airport 600 metres to the east has been ongoing. On Friday (19 August), the new runway was inaugurated, and it is now ready to be put into use.

After being closed for a month, air traffic in Linköping is now up and running again. The new runway 11/29 is 2133 metres long, 45 metres wide, five metres wider than the old one.

Linköping City Airport (LPI/ESSL), also called Saab Airport, was already built in 1932 and in 1950 it got an asphalt runway. At the start, the company at the airport was not called Saab but ASJA, the Aeroplan department of the Swedish Railway Workshop. On 1 April 2013, the municipality of Linköping took over the civil operation of the airport, while Saab owns the other aviation operations.

The runway move secures Saab’s long-term business. In 2019, Saab received a new environmental permit for the operations that Saab and Linköping City Airport conduct in Tannefors in Linköping. The relocation of the runway has major positive effects for both the municipality of Linköping and Saab,” says Ellen Molin, deputy business area manager Saab Aeronautics.

Linköping City Airport offers up to three daily departures to Amsterdam by KLM. In 2022, the airport will also function as a standby airport, which means that with one hour’s notice it can open up 24 hours a day to receive commercial traffic such as ambulance flights.

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