The Braathens brand is making a comeback – The regional airline currently known as BRA will also get jets

Five Airbus A319s will be included in the fleet when BRA resumes jet traffic. At the same time, the classic brand Braathens will return, which will adorn the five jet aircraft.

It was in mid-June that BRA signed a large charter contract with Ving. A consequence of this was that the airline will now resume jet traffic, which disappeared as the ageing fleet of Avro RJ aircraft was phased out a couple of years ago, before the pandemic. The procurement of the five A319s that will initially be added to the fleet is currently underway. Once they are in place sometime at the end of the year, they will also be adorned with the name Braathens, the classic airline name that is now making a comeback.

The name BRA works well here in Sweden but is more difficult to use internationally. In itself, it is no wonder, we have several subsidiaries in the group that all have Braathen in the name, for example Braathen Regional Airlines which we call BRA internationally already today,” says CEO Ulrika Matsgård to Flygtorget. She adds: “Braathens is a strong brand. Now we go further and refine the name of the five machines that will be part of the part of BRA that will fly charter traffic.”

The airline Braathens Safe was founded in 1946 as a freight and charter company with a focus on Asia and South America. Gradually, it also grew to become a scheduled airline, primarily in the Norwegian domestic market, and during the second half of the 20th century was a clear competitor to SAS. In addition, Braathens flew charter traffic for Scandinavian tour operators. In 2001, SAS bought the entire business and merged it, initially under the name SAS Braathens. However, Per G Braathen is the owner of the original name which is now making a comeback.

The fact is that the first flights took place at the beginning of 1947, which means that we will celebrate the 75th anniversary this year,” says Ulrika Matsgård.

Braathens and the new jet fleet are focused on charter traffic to southern Europe, but also provide the possibility to fly domestically during the week, including at peak times. Already in the autumn, the first A319 will be wet-leased to give the organisation the opportunity to prepare for the return to jet operations. It will then run in Swedish domestic traffic.

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