Tesla owners will soon be able to implant their keys in their hands

The idea of adding something that would enhance your body isn’t new. Called bio-hacking, people have been undergoing surgical procedures for many years to put into things as fickle as magnets for temporary gains.

Elon Musk’s biotechnology venture Neuralink also works the same way as it promises to connect the human brain to a computer chip and get things done, just by thinking. It is a different story that its technology hasn’t progressed that quickly thus far.

Implanting Tesla keys in your hand

The Tesla keys being implanted in the video above are nothing glorious but multipurpose NFC chips. This technology allows devices to communicate and function when they are in close vicinity of each other. The recipient of the keys is Brandon Dalaly, who, apart from being a Tesla owner, seems to be a body modification enthusiast. Gizmodo said in its report.

Brave Brandon, though, isn’t the first person who underwent such a procedure though. Back in 2019, Amie DD, a software engineer, documented her story of biohacking, and one of her exploits was the key to her Tesla Model 3. Amie shared her implant in a YouTube video that has a fair bit of blood in it.

It also helped that Amie was working at a company called Vivokey that worked to make the NFC chip implantable back then. While this might sound fancy, it was nothing more than placing the chip in a bio-safe polymer before the implant.

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