Swedish tour operator Detur stops operations, leaving passengers stranded at home and abroad

Detur announces that operations will be stopped for the rest of 2022

The much-criticised travel company Detur is cancelling all its operations for 2022. The company justifies the decision by saying that a “restart” is needed.

In Sundsvall, a bus with 50 people has to return home since Detur cancelled their flight. And travellers who were supposed to go from Gothenburg to Crete tomorrow have been told via email that there will be no trip.

During the day, several media told how Detur travellers in Turkey are required to pay from their hotels even though they have already paid for a package trip. From several sources, it appears that hotels lock guests out of the rooms if they do not pay.

The testimonies come, among other things, from Alanya, where fights between guests and hotel staff arose after Detur’s customers were asked to pay for their rooms themselves.

In a written statement, Detur confirms that as a result of, among other things, failing travel documents, fuel costs, inflation and the Ukraine war, Detur has chosen to do a reorganisation and a “restart” in order to “better face the future challenges in the best way”.

This in turn means that the company’s processes and activities “will be paused for a period” and that “the remainder of the 2022 charter season will be cancelled.”

Source: SVT

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