Start-up Happy Airways hopes to launch from Strasbourg through crowdfunding

Happy Airways is a brand new project. This hybrid airline project would be based at Strasbourg-Entzheim international airport. Happy Airways is seeking to change the air transport industry in the region by offering a high-quality service experience at the best airfares.


Strasbourg-Entzheim airport is underdeveloped in face of the actual demand Hence there is a big opportunity for Happy Airways to fly from Strasbourg. In the beginning, Happy Airways want to develop a network of 14 new destinations from Strasbourg airport.

By operating as a hybrid airline, with a great quality of service, an important network and with great airfares, Happy Airways would be a new gamechanger in the aviation industry in the region. The airline will have an optimised network to make Strasbourg the hub in the heart of the European Union and so to allow connections across Europe.

In this way, Happy Airways will develop the airport to make it more connected to the world. To offer even more connections across the world, Happy Airways is seeking interline/codeshare partnerships with other carriers.


To launch its operations, Happy Airways will operate 2 ATR 72-600 turborpops. This aircraft will allow Happy Airways to reduce its operational costs and its environmental footprint too. Equipped with 78 seats in a modern cabin, the aircraft will enable Happy Airways to offer a high quality of service with low airfares.

As a hybrid airline, Happy Airways will offer a free catering service to its passengers, with a great quality of products, which is quite rare today on regional networks. With the wish of increasing the global quality of service, Happy Airways will offer onboard a Personal Inflight Entertainment System, including movies, series, music, a direct map etc…


This aircraft type, a turbo-prop, will allow Happy Airways to reduce its operational costs compared to jet aircraft. By operating this aircraft type, Happy Airways will burn half less fuel than a jet aircraft.

The environmental footprint is a major stake in our era. With the ATR 72-600, Happy Airways would reduce drastically its global footprint. It will reduce by 45% its CO2 emissions compared to a jet aircraft while limiting its fuel consumption (-45% too).

However, Happy Airways will create more measures in its operations to reduce its impact.

  • In its ground operations, Happy Airways will have only electric cars and electric cargo bikes, to reduce as much as possible its global environmental impact.
  • At the headquarters, Happy Airways will place some drastic measures to reduce
    unnecessaries energy consumption.
  • The airline will offer some bonuses to its employees to decrease its impact.

All of these measures will make the environmental footprint of Happy Airways very limited. Happy Airways will create a specific charity alimented by funds from the airline to favour reforestation in arid places. This is to achieve its goal of beginning a new zero environmental footprint airline.


Ready for new adventures

Happy Airways is ready for new adventures and invites any person who is ready to support and offer some funds to Happy Airways to contact the airline directly.

The needs

To launch its operations, Happy Airways requires €4,750,000 while being able to operate its first aircraft with €1,800,000. By developing a local project, with the ambition of making the region connected to the world, Happy Airways is making a global appeal to get the requested funds.


In addition, the airline will also use Crowdfunding. Happy Airways has been able to launch its programme to get the requested funds with shares from €50 to 500,000. Including the possibility of getting a “Happy Unlimited Pass” which guarantees its user to fly unlimitedly, freely, and during his whole life across the Happy Airways network.


With its diversified funding offers, Happy Airways will make its funding solutions available for everyone. Everybody would be able to participate in the funding of the global Happy Airways project. This lottery is available from 2€ per ticket with the opportunity of buying as many tickets as you want.

Among all the participants, a draw will be made and the winner will be offered:

  • Travel: flight + hotel (5 days) in the Bahamas for 2 persons in a 4-star hotel, offered by Happy Airways.
  • A “Happy Unlimited Pass” would be granted to the winner of this draw. He would be able to fly unlimitedly, freely, and during his whole life across the Happy Airways network.

To get this “Happy Unlimited Pass”, everyone can participate in this lottery, or buy directly this pass from the Crowdfunding solution.

Public funding

Happy Airways is an airline that wants to develop a number of destinations from Strasbourg and make the city connected to the world by building a multimodal hub. To launch this project, Happy Airways will directly at the beginning create about 50 new jobs in the region!

Happy Airways with its network will open 14 new destinations in France and across Europe including European hubs and European capitals or main cities.

This will increase the local economy with +4,400 new flights per year representing 343,200 new seats from/to Strasbourg.

With that, Happy Airways is ready to discuss this project with the local authorities to together build this project that will make Strasbourg the new gateway of Europe.

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