SmartGrill Technology – Bringing 21st Century Smarts to Home Grilling

In addition to all that cooking hardware, there’s some serious SmartGrill technology to consider. Within a weatherproof case under the hood of this beast, there’s a 1.5Ghz Intel processor, 64GB of storage, and 802.11N Wi-Fi, supporting both iOS and Android operating systems. You control the grill by smart device or voice activation; rather than heading out back, all I need to do is flip out my iPhone, open the SmartGrill app, and I’m off to the races. You configure the SmartGrill like any other LAN – set up an account with Lynx, and then pair your device(s).

Once you’re connected, you have multiple cooking options – You can use timer mode – controlling time and temperature, recipe mode – choosing from several hundred preset configurations, party mode – queueing up as many recipes as you want, or even meal mode, wherein you can program the grill to cook several things at the same time, configured to finish in a certain order, or all at once. Naturally, if you’re standing right by the grill, you can control it manually, or by voice.

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