Shaun Hover breaks skateboard in two to avoid Spirit Airlines’ bag allowance surcharge

Even professional skaters are not immune to the hassle of air travel. A few days ago, Shaun Hover tried to board a Spirit Airlines flight in the United States but was halted by the gate agent over the size of his skateboard. 

In a clip that appeared on social media, an airport staffer informed that Shaun had to pay USD 89 for his “luggage” as it didn’t fit into the bag measuring station.

To the surprise of the gate agent, Shaun cracked the board in two pieces. “That wasn’t necessary, sir,” she added.

With a broken board, Shaun boarded the aircraft.

Indeed, the website of Spirit Airlines indicates that passengers count towards a bag allowance (carry-on bag charges apply) and must be stowed wheels up, preferably under the seat. Perhaps a harsh policy, but passengers are dully informed.

That doesn’t take away from the fact that Shaun’s clip has gone viral on social media, even Tony Hawk commented: “Haha I did the same at London Heathrow because they wanted me to check it in. But mine went in the trash because they wouldn’t let me take the two pieces as carryons.”

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