Russia unveils robot dog that can launch rockets

Fears of robotic-killer machines have surfaced since Ghost Robotics unveiled a machine-gun-wielding robotic dog last year. Now, the Russian forces also seem keen to deploy such robots, and since most defense manufacturers won’t work with them amidst all the sanctions, Russia seems to have designed its own.

Russia’s rocket launching dog

There isn’t much information available about the dog’s capabilities other than the video and a few comments that were published in the Russian media. According to Newsweek’s report, the robotic dog has been developed keeping in mind civilian and military operations. Typical descriptions made about this technology also include that the robotic dog can be used for security and patrol services, as it appears from this post on Telegram.

According to The Drive, the weapon on the dog that has been designated M-81 appears to be an RPG-26 anti-tank rocket launcher. We do not know for sure if the optical aiming device that the dog is also equipped with helps in automating the firing process.

Since the M-81 was displayed on stage, its demonstration did not include anything beyond the forward and backward trot and the laying low, which is pretty much rudimentary for a robotic dog these days. What one would be interested in is how it is operated and what level of autonomy it has, of which we find no mention.

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