Russia unveils a model of its upcoming Ross space station

More recently, Russia announced it will fulfill its contractual obligations up until 2024 before ditching the International Space Station (ISS) and going it alone. Russia’s goal is to reduce its reliance on western countries after it faced heavy aerospace industry sanctions following its invasion of Ukraine.

Russia’s new ‘Ross’ space station

Roscosmos unveiled its model of the space station, nicknamed “Ross” by Russian state media, on Monday, August 15, at a military exhibition outside of Moscow. Roscosmos head Yuris Borisov, who was appointed last month to replace Dmitry Rogozov, reiterated at the event that Russia will quit the ISS after 2024 and that it is working on its own space station.

The breakup of the ISS partnership signals the end of a decades-long international scientific collaboration that has been seen by many as a beacon of peace and hope. The ISS was launched in 1998 as part of a U.S.-Russia-led partnership that also involved Canada, Japan, and the European Space Agency (ESA).

NASA, which recently announced it aims to keep the ISS operational beyond 2024, says it has yet to receive official confirmation from Russia of its withdrawal. The U.S. space agency previously understood Moscow would continue to collaborate on the orbital station project until 2028.

Life after the International Space Station

Roscosmos has yet to give official dates for the launch of its new space station, though it said it will be launched in two phases. For the first phase, it will launch a four-module space station. Once that is operational, it will add two more modules and a service platform. The Russian space agency said the station will be able to accommodate up to four cosmonauts.

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