Restrictions in Amsterdam: TUI fly Netherlands moves part of its flights to Rotterdam, but also to Liège

Next summer, TUI fly Netherlands will move part of its flights from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to regional airports: Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Liège Airport.

Besides nearby Rotterdam, Liège, located just below Maastricht, has been chosen because the necessary slots and parking spaces are available there, and the opening hours are favourable,” TUI told travellers on Monday.

Extended opening hours are necessary to be able to carry out two flights in one day with the same aircraft, for example to Ibiza and Gran Canaria. Moreover, TUI fly Belgium already has an existing operation from Liège and is, therefore, familiar with the situation and possibilities on site. In addition, TUI can offer its customers support there with its own staff.

TUI already announced last week that no flights from TUI fly Netherlands will be cancelled as a result of the chaos at Schiphol. Anyone who has already booked and flies with TUI fly can go on holiday, the Group reported, adding that most flying holidays would still depart from Amsterdam.

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