Project Sunroof – Solar power calculation to help you decide

In general, you are likely to benefit from solar if your roof isn’t heavily shaded by nearby trees and is in a good condition. Solar panels do not need much maintenance. Inverters may need replacing after their 10 year warranty expires, but that’s pretty much it. The higher quality solar panel arrays can last for 30 years or more. They can also generate electricity on cloudy days, because solar PV cells react to light, even if there is less of it when the sun isn’t shining. The best roofs for generating solar power are those that face south or southwest.

Solar panels can cut your electricity bill by half. The average price for a good system has now fallen to between £6000 ($9406.50) and £9000 ($14104.44), but some retailers, such as Ikea, are selling even cheaper systems for around £5,700 ($8933.78). With cuts in Feed-in Tariffs and other incentives supporting solar, the ability of solar to generate an income has naturally been reduced. However, given that the cost of natural gas and oil is undoubtedly going to rise steeply again at some point in the future, the purchase of a solar panel system will help you to futureproof your energy supply against future fuel price rises.

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