Over 20 dead in two Ugandan army helicopter crashes in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo

Source: congointer.info

Twenty-two soldiers were killed on Monday when a Ugandan army helicopter crashed in the Boga region of Ituri province in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The helicopter crashed on Monday, killing 22 people, including three DRC soldiers, according to an anonymous source who did not give more details on the cause, the number of passengers on board and the number of survivors.

On Tuesday, another helicopter belonging to the Ugandan army crashed in the Kabarole border area between the two countries, during joint operations between the two armies to hunt down a rebel group.

According to the press service of the DRC army, the helicopter struck an electrical line before crashing. This accident claimed the lives of a Ugandan soldier and a DRC soldier, a spokesman for joint military operations between the two countries confirmed on Tuesday evening.

Since last year, the two armies of the DRC and Uganda have launched joint military operations in the northeast of the DRC to hunt down Allied Democratic Forces rebels.

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