One hundred and six passengers board a Ryanair flight from Charleroi, only seating for ninety-eight

A very hard Summer 2022 for airlines, airports and handling agents. Passengers are trying to travel between strikes and last-minutes cancellations. On Monday, 25 July, 106 passengers tried to board Ryanair flight FR4442 between Charleroi, Belgium and Comiso, Sicily, Italy but were faced with insufficient seating. 

The aircraft could only seat 98 passengers, passengers who were not able to take a seat stayed up, for about an hour, a passenger said to SUDINFO.

Passengers were then told to disembark and board again on another aircraft. Passengers stated that they had to wait on the tarmac under the sun without proper refreshments.

Finally, the Boeing 737 MAX 8-200 (registered EI-HAT) departed Charleroi with all 106 passengers, albeit with a delay of two hours.

Note from editor:

  • was Ryanair forced to reduce the total amount of passengers on board due to cabin crew illness, an inoperative exit door or another operational issue ?

Ryanair has still to respond to Belgian newspaper SUDINFO.

Source: Le vol Ryanair de Charleroi vers la Sicile de Dimitri et sa famille tourne au fiasco: «Les gens qui n’avaient pas de place sont restés debout» (vidéo)

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