NASA’s Artemis I launch has the world excited for Monday

“The test combat itself carries inherent risk,” Jim Free, NASA’s deputy administrator for intelligence systems development, said at a press conference on August 22.

“This is the first flight of a new rocket and a new spacecraft.”

However, this may not deter people from applauding the launch.

The buzz and excitement will see ​​a spectacular show of fire, expected to draw hundreds of thousands of spectators to Florida’s space coast, The Guardian reported on Sunday.

This exploration will be the second mission to the Moon since 1972, when its biggest rocket, the Saturn V, took Apollo astronauts to the Moon.

NASA plans to live-telecast the takeoff through its Youtube channel for the world to see.

The space agency will host a series of Artemis I webcasts this week and next leading up to the un-crewed launch of NASA’s first Space Launch System, as per

NASA's Artemis I launch has the world excited for Monday

Artemis I during sunset.

The grand plan

The mission, which is to take off from Pad 39B, will send an uncrewed Orion Spacecraft on a six-week trip to the lunar orbit and back. It is a precursor to Artemis II and Artemis III, which will return humans to lunar orbit and the lunar surface.

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