NASA shares James Webb Space Telescope images of the Cartwheel Galaxy

NASA says the new image reveals new details about star formation as well as the black hole at the center of the Cartwheel Galaxy. Webb’s powerful infrared instruments produced the incredibly detailed image. It’s another impressive showcase of the space observatory’s power, after it started science operations last month.

Peering into the ‘chaos’ of the Cartwheel Galaxy

The new image highlights the Cartwheel Galaxy and two smaller galaxies. It’s worth noting though that, much like in James Webb’s historic first image, all those smaller objects in the background are also galaxies.

Since it started science operations, NASA has released a steady stream of new James Webb data, including the observatory’s first observation of a supernova. Now, NASA says its new images of the Cartwheel Galaxy provide unprecedented insight into the evolution of that particular region of space. The Galaxy is located approximately 500 million light-years away in the Sculptor constellation.

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