Meteor showers to watch out for this weekend and until August

Alpha Capricornids meteor shower

The Alpha Capricornids are relatively minor meteor showers that are likely to show just a few “shooting stars”, but ones that move rather slowly. Visible until the 15th of August, the Capricornids are also peaking this weekend and for those seeking them from the northern hemisphere, will appear to come from the southern sky, Forbes reported.

The debris causing these showers is coming from the comet 169P/ NEAT, and the radiant point is the constellation of Capricorn.

Perseids meteor shower

The Perseids meteor shower is on display from July 7 to August 24 this year and since the peak night is not going to be a lot of fun, you can catch the best display on the New Moon night of this weekend.

The debris from the Perseid comes from the comet Swift-Tuttle that came close to the Sun in 1992 and will only be seen again another 100 years from now. The peak of the shower can have as many as 100 trails an hour. However, this weekend, the numbers will be far lesser.

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