Mediators call SAS management and pilot unions to meet on Wednesday

Talks on a new agreement between SAS and the Swedish Pilot Association SPF will resume on Wednesday. 

It is utterly important for the company that we end this strike,” says Karin Nyman, communications director at SAS.

On Monday, July 4, eight days ago, about 900 pilots from Sweden, Norway and Denmark went on strike.

Negotiations have been going on through mediators since the strike broke out and earlier this week, the Norwegian national mediator Mats Wilhelm Ruland described the situation as “locked-in”.

What has happened now is that the mediators have requested that the parties be in Stockholm tomorrow to negotiate on the spot,” says the Swedish mediator Jan Sjölin to SVT.

Both parties have previously welcomed new negotiations. Karin Nyman, Communications Director at SAS, emphasises that concessions will be required from both parties.

For us, it is about our ability to compete and that is what is at stake in these negotiations,” she tells SVT.

The Swedish Pilot Association also confirms that negotiations with SAS will resume on Wednesday.

Source: SVT Nyheter

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