Long queues at non-Schengen passport control of Brussels Airport

Passengers traveling through Brussels Airport, Belgium on Sunday towards a non-Schengen destination were forced to enter a lengthy queue at passport control. While Federal Police carried out the necessary but time-consuming passport controls, a technical problem also affected the airport’s e-gates, a system that mechanically reads out the passports.  

Longer waiting queues apply at the passport control on non-Schengen flights, carried out by the federal police. A technical problem also affects the e-gates. Passengers for non-Schengen destinations are adviced to come well ahead, i.e. 3 hours in advance,” the airport tweeted.

Around 30,000 passengers are expected to depart from Brussels Airport. 66 destinations are non-Schengen, a spokesperson told Het Laatste Nieuws. 

Looking to some tweets, the passengers clearly needed enough patience. “NOT GOOD ENOUGH … passport control is more than 2 hours …,” a passenger tweeted in anger.

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