Lockheed Martin delivers HELIOS laser weapon to the US Navy

“HELIOS enhances the overall combat system effectiveness of the ship to deter future threats and provide additional protection for Sailors, and we understand we must provide scalable solutions customized to the Navy’s priorities. HELIOS represents a solid foundation for incremental delivery of robust and powerful laser weapon system capabilities.”

HELIOS has been described as more than just a high-energy laser as its system’s multi-mission capabilities include long-range Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR), and Counter UAS-mounted ISR (C-ISR) Dazzler.

It’s finally here: Lockheed Martin delivers 60+ kW laser to the US Navy

HELIOS is more than a laser system.

“The HELIOS system’s deep magazine, low cost per kill, speed of light delivery, and precision response enable it to address Fleet needs now, and its mature, scalable architecture supports increased laser power levels to counter additional threats in the future. HELIOS leverages technology building blocks from significant, long-term internal research and development projects that continue to advance the Navy’s goal for fielding laser weapon systems aboard surface ships and putting the Navy on the right side of the cost curve for threat engagements,” states Lockheed Martin’s page on the new weapon.

The laser’s development has been ongoing since January 2018 and has seen some impressive breakthroughs in advanced technology.

“System engineering rigor, robust system integration and test, and leveraging of mature technology are cornerstones of the successfully executed HELIOS program and enable on-time delivery of warfighting capability and significant risk reduction for future systems,” said Joe Ottaviano, Lockheed Martin Business Development director.

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