Kingii – An Answer to Drowning Deaths

Kingii buoyancy device[Image Source: Kingii]

The Kingii is the brainchild of Tom Athanasios, an entrepreneur with several patents under his name related to automotive technology. After a close friend drowned, Athanasios turned his considerable inventor’s skills toward a solution. With the stats regarding life jacket use first in mind, he set out to make a small, unobtrusive device, designed so that folks would actually wear it. In June of 2014, he filed a U.S. Patent for the Kingii.


[Image Source: Kingii]

At just under 5 ounces in weight, the device is very light. Kingii is fundamentally composed of two components, the CO2 charge/activator, and a small box that holds the flotation balloon; it’s about the size of a 3″ x 5″ card and about an inch thick. The company notes that the “one size fits most” design is suitable for children 6 years and up in age. Kingii has been tested to provide viable buoyancy for adults as heavy as 275 pounds.

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