flight between Manchester and Rhodes diverts to Munich over “unruly granny”

On 25 August, flight LS819 between Manchester, United Kingdom and Rhodes, Greece was forced to divert to Munich, Germany over an unruly passenger. Not the standard troublesome passenger, but an elderly lady.

The grey haired woman was allegedly irate after she was refused free champagne. She then ordered a gin and tonic which the cabin crew took away from her as she continued to be aggressive.

Another passenger witnessed that the unruly passenger urinated on three seats while punching other people. At one point she also tried to open the emergency exit.

The pilots were forced to divert to aircraft to Munich in Germany. Emergency services rushed to the aircraft. Nine police officers, assisted by ambulance and fire services escorted her off the aircraft.

Two hours later the Boeing 757-200 (registered G-LSAI) left for Rhodos. Later that night, the return flight to Manchester diverted to London Stansted, it is not clear that the diversion has to do with the delay incurred.

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