ITA Airways’ hit-and-run on Air France aircraft at New York JFK airport

On 17 June, an ITA Airways (former Alitalia) Airbus A330-200 (registered EI-EJG) and an Air France Boeing 777 (registered F-GSPQ) allegedly clipped each other at New York’s JFK airport, United States. While the Air France Boeing 777 sustained damage, the ITA Airways pilots continued their AZ603 flight back to Rome, Italy. 

The Air France pilots reported to air traffic control that they sustained damage from the ITA Airways A330. After a long discussion with air traffic control, and only after take-off, air traffic control questioned the ITA Airways pilots about the Air France claim. The ITA Airways pilots replied that they sustained no damage and continued to Rome.

Air France cancelled flight AF8 back to Paris CDG and is awaiting repair.

The Italian Airbus A330 remained on the ground at Rome for about 46 hours.

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