Inadvertent oxygen masks deployment on Air New Zealand flight between LAX and Auckland

On 19 August, an Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300 (registered ZK-OKQ) operated flight NZ5 between Los Angeles, United States and Auckland, New Zealand.

Three hours before landing at Auckland, after an uneventful flight, oxygen masks were dropped in the aircraft’s cabin. An automatic recorded added: “This is an emergency, this is an emergency. Put on your mask!

Air New Zealand’s chief operational integrity and safety officer captain David Morgan said that oxygen masks were automatically deployed as the aircraft descended from flight level 340 to 270 to avoid forecast turbulence.

During this descent an automated emergency warning activated requesting customers put on their oxygen masks,” Morgan said.

We are sorry for the alarming wake-up call on this flight. This was not an emergency situation and the oxygen masks were not required. While our cabin crew and pilots worked quickly to reassure everyone on board, we know it was distressing for our customers.”

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