Goodbye blackouts! China’s power grid can now be reset in three seconds thanks to AI

As efficient and powerful as the new system is, it is not operational everywhere. It has only been trialled for one month in Qitailu, a residential community with more than 200 families located in Urumqi in the Xinjiang region.

The new community power grid has multiple sensors, each of which has its own “brain”. These can autonomously choose the most efficient and viable power supply routes. No human intervention is needed, significantly speeding up all grid-related activities.

If any failure occurs, the AI system is designed to “instantly start the self-healing function, including automatic fault location, fault isolation and power restoration,” said a Science and Technology Daily report. Because of this, there has been a significant improvement in power supply.

“Now the outage is almost nothing. The power comes as soon as it stops, not affecting life and work in any way,” an unnamed resident told the state-owned newspaper.

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