Ford and Buick dazzle with plans for the future

The lack of semiconductors and rising prices for commodities and shipping have adversely impacted business operations and earnings. Meanwhile, new car sales have slowed as consumers struggle and worry about chronic inflation and a recession.

However, not everything in the automotive sector is terrible. In the first half of 2022, high-margin SUVs and luxury cars gained market share over cars, and second-quarter sales of electric vehicles (EVs) increased by 66 percent year over year.

However, this year’s NAIAS lost some of its lusters compared to prior years’ events.

There were no household names like Honda, Hyundai, Kia, or Nissan, nor were there any luxury automakers like Audi, Porsche, or Jaguar Land Rover. However, Subaru also had a solid showing, and Toyota had a sizable exhibit. Giant carmakers from Germany, BMW and Mercedes, were also represented, but just barely.

In addition to showing Ram, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep goods, Stellantis had a sizable booth at the event. However, most of the automaker’s area was devoted to driving demonstrations, with Jeep 4xs scaling challenging artificial terrain and Ram 1500s towing objects.

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