Flyr AS traffic figures for June 2022: 203,200 passengers(+36% vs May)

A total of 203,200 guests travelled with Flyr in June, an increase of 36% compared to May. The load factor was 78,8% and the month has been characterised by full flights to holiday destinations. The Company experienced strong growth in traffic after the start of the school holidays.

  • We have seen a strong trend in traffic figures over time, in particular since the start of the school holidays with many flights fully booked. June was as good as expected, and we see that also July will be a month with a high number of passengers travelling with us. On 30 June we celebrated the one-year anniversary of Flyr’s first flight. Flyr has proved that there is room for an additional Norwegian airline, with focus on giving the passengers a good experience at low prices. We are extremely grateful for all the positive feedback received from our guests,” says Tonje Wikstrøm Frislid, CEO of Flyr.
  • The loyalty program Flyr+ is already counting more than 200 000 members, which proves that Flyr has made its mark in Norway,” adds Wikstrøm Frislid.

Production was 336.0 million ASK in the month, with a load factor of 78.8%. The Company had on average ten aircraft in operation. Yield in the month was NOK 0.55.

Unit revenue (PASK) in June was NOK 0.45, while the average PASK from first flight in June 2021 was NOK 0.33. Flyr achieved a regularity in operations during June of 98.9% and punctuality of 61.9%.

Currently, Flyr has a fleet of 10 aircraft, and 2 additional brand new Boeing 737-8 will be delivered during the summer. At the end of June, Flyr has 43 FTE’s per aircraft, which is in line with the planned progression to reach the targeted cost level.

Flyr’s first flight was on 30 June 2021 and has since boarded 914 600 passengers. The airline was established during the Covid-19 pandemic with the aim to build a sustainable and profitable business model, adapted to the market demands.

07 Jul 2022 08:00

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