Faroese start-up airline FarCargo shall transport salmon to the USA

The new name of the company, which was established on 07.07.2021, is today publicly announced. The name FarCargo P/F stands for long-haul air cargo, and it is a Faroese air cargo company.

FarCargo P/F has now signed a purchase agreement for one Boeing 757-200 cargo. The aircraft is 47 metres long, has a range of 7,000 km and carries approximately 35 tonnes of freight. The A320 aircraft used on the Føroya route is, for comparison, 37.5m long.

According to the plan, the aircraft will be ready in 2-3 months and will fly from Vági to New York for the first time.

In a newsletter, CEO Birgir Nielsen writes:

This is a big day for us. We are happy that we have come this far and are now moving forward. This is also an old dream which has now come true.”

The search for the pilot has taken a good year, but the challenge has been to find the right aircraft. Also, it has taken time to get leases for space and to get practical administrative tasks done right.

The responsibility for flight permits, flight operations, etc. is on West Atlantic in Sweden, with which FarCargo has a cooperation agreement.

Our plan is that in a few years FarCargo will take over all freight and flight services to the Faroe Islands. At first, 10 people will be employed permanently by the company. The company is looking in the media today for captains and first officers to start as soon as possible,” Birgir Nielsen said.

Regin Jacobsen, director of Bakkafrost:

This is a new chapter in the history of Faroese exports, the goal of which is to provide fresh salmon of the best quality both in the USA, Israel and other remote markets, one day after the fish swims in Faroese fjords. Customers, both in Israel and in the American sushi market, demand fresh products and we will take the shortest route to provide our customers with the freshest product on the market. We have for many years had some issues serving the American market, and this effort, together with our storage in New Jersey, gives us a good opportunity to provide the customer with the best service. In the future of transport to airfields in Europe, the new way of transport will ensure that our products will be fresher for more days when it comes to the market and we will save a lot on CO2 emissions,” he says.

On the return journey, FarCargo will invite Faroese and foreign shipping companies to buy cargo space on board the cargo plane.

We hope that the Faroese market will benefit from the new route – and that it will provide new opportunities in the Faroe Islands,” said the newsletter from FarCargo.

It is the well-known Faroese artist Anker Eli Petersen who designed the livery of the FarCargo aircraft.

FarCargo P/F is a subsidiary of Bakkafrost. Manager is Birgir Nielsen. The chairman of the board is Regin Jacobsen.

Source: in.fo

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