ESO reveals a golden swirl of newly born stars in a distant galaxy

“It has an unusually high amount of stars being born and has been used by astronomers as a laboratory to better understand the fascinating phenomena of star formation,” the ESO explains.

An example of a starburst galaxy, NGC 4393 is one in which an exceptionally large number of stars are formed. The European Southern Observatory released a statement saying that by studying this type of galaxy, astronomers are better able to comprehend how stars are formed throughout the cosmos (ESO).

“Stars form when clouds of cold gas collapse,” ESO officials wrote in the statement. “The energetic radiation from newly born stars will heat and ionize the surrounding remaining gas.”

The image was captured in Chile using the Very Large Telescope (VLT). It depicts dazzling, swirling clouds of ionized plasma that resemble a “whirlpool of gold.” According to the statement, the whirling clouds act as cosmic breadcrumbs that show the course taken by rising stars.

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