Engine part of unknown aircraft falls on house in Belgium

A loud bang woke up Louis and Adela, living in Waremme near Liege, Belgium. “First, we thought of a thunderstorm,” Louis said. But he was wrong. A part of an engine came loose and fell on their roof. This morning, pictures of the aircraft piece, with the damaged roof, appeared on social media.

Hervé Rigot (Facebook)
Hervé Rigot (Facebook)
Hervé Rigot (Facebook)

The piece damaged Louis and Adela’s roof and ended up next to the driveway. Luckily, nobody was injured, but the couple was left in shock.

Louis had just gone to bed, when he heard an aircraft flying over the house. “It sounded more intense than usual. I had the feeling that he was flying quite low.” Shortly after, a huge noise filled the room. Louis immediately thought of a thunderstorm and really didn’t think of an aircraft part. He went outside, noticed the damage to the roof and saw the huge piece of metal lying next to the hedge. “It was hard to believe.”

The fire brigade came towards the site to temporarily close their roof. The couple today also expects the aviation authorities (BCAA) to show up. The BCAA will salvage the part and try to identify the aircraft to which the part belongs.

At this moment, the registration, the operator and the type of aircraft is still unclear.

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