DSB Danish Railways sold out on international train journeys

More people want to travel sustainably. Moreover, there are long queues at airports, strikes and high fuel prices. Therefore, travel by train becomes more popular and DSB reports being sold out on all direct train connections to Germany until 19 July.

Sold-out tickets show a clear trend, says Charlotte Saltoft Kjærulff, customer manager at DSB, which is not only due to people wanting to get out and travel. “There is no doubt that there is a huge desire to travel because people have been home in Denmark for a few years because of corona”, she says. “But even before the corona, we also saw that the sustainable way of travelling, a little slower but experiencing something along the way, is a trend that just increases. I think we will see that this year too,” she adds.

Stefan Pfattheicher, associate professor at Aarhus BSS, is in doubt as to whether consumers have suddenly become more motivated to take the train for the sake of sustainability. “There are some more plausible reasons why so many people suddenly choose the train,” he says. “It’s summer holiday, fuel prices are high, flight chaos at airports and cheap train tickets in Germany for only 9 euros. There are many factors that can make consumers choose the alternative path, which is also more sustainable.”

Lars Thykier from the Danish Travel Agency Association sees one problem: there are very few connections from Denmark. “There are only direct train connections to Germany and Sweden. The basic product is there, but it is not a good enough alternative in relation to aircraft, which is still the most attractive product both in terms of time and price,” he says.

At the Danish Travel Agency Association, they want a real alternative. “Train connections in Europe are generally very good. If you travel from Germany, the long-distance train can be used in a completely different way, and in France a new TGV train route between Paris and Bordeaux has almost outcompeted the air connection,” says Lars Thykier.

Source: dr.dk

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