Designers from the UK have built a Martian house

The structure will open to the public next week and host a series of talks and workshops about sustainable living, as per Fast Company.

How did it start?

Building a Martian House requires a lot of teamwork. It began as an idea in 2015, with only artists Ella Good and Nicki Kent on board.

This project was inspired by numerous experiments that have been taking place worldwide for more than two decades. Many people on Earth have been practicing sending people to Mars. To get you started, here are a few examples: Mars 500 (Russia+ESA), Hi-Seas (NASA), MDRS (Mars Society), and Biosphere 2 are all examples of spacecraft.

In 2017, Ella Good and Nicki Kent met with Spacecraft Systems Engineer Professor Lucy Berthoud, and she joined the team.

Ella Good and Nicki Kent met architect Hugh Broughton and were awarded a small grant from the Edward Marshall Trust to collaborate on design projects with the architect firm. Dr. Bob Myhill, a scientist, also joined the team in 2018, and the conceptual design was produced in 2019.

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