Deadly bacteria found in the US soil for first time. What can you do to protect yourself

The disease has non-specific symptoms like fever, joint pain, and headaches and can also lead to conditions such as pneumonia, abscess formation, and blood infections. The disease can be fatal in up to 50 percent of cases.

Prior to thisBefore, the bacteria was considered to be found only in the tropical and sub-tropical regions, such as South East Asia, northern Australia, parts of South and Central America, and Puerto Rico. The CDC has historically received reports of 12 cases of melioidosis in the U.S. every year, and most have occurred in individuals with a travel history to countries where the bacteria is usually found.

Apart from those, a cluster of four cases in four states was reported in 2021 but was later linked to contamination of an aromatherapy product that was imported into the U.S.

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