Collision between a lorry and a Brussels Airlines aircraft in Stockholm Bromma: several passengers stuck in the Swedish capital

Brussels Airlines A319 at Stockholm Bromma © Henrik Nydqvist

Several dozen Belgians have been stuck in the Swedish capital Stockholm on Friday evening. They should have returned home with Brussels Airlines flight SN2306 at 17:30, but a loading truck damaged the Airbus A319 registered OO-SSU, preventing it from taking off. The airline says that all passengers have been rebooked.

Brussels Airlines confirms that the aircraft sustained damage on Friday evening as a result of the collision with a baggage loading truck. “Repair works are needed, but they cannot be completed this weekend,” said Brussels Airlines spokeswoman Maaike Andries to Belgian newspaper HLN. “We don’t know yet when the aircraft will be ready. We have rebooked all passengers. Some will return on Saturday, others in the coming days. Because many airlines cancelled numerous flights this summer due to the staff shortage, it was not easy to find free seats. Our own flights often already carry passengers from flights cancelled by other airlines.”

The aircraft took off to Brussels on Saturday afternoon at 16:08 as ferry flight SN9902.

All overnight stays at the hotel – just like the food and drinks – are paid for by Brussels Airlines. However, those who book another flight on their own will not get that money back.

Source: HLN, Flightradar24

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