China rocket’s space debris will crash into Earth this weekend

Now we’re in the same situation as before. In a tweet, the nonprofit Aerospace Corporation, based in El Segundo, California, estimates that the reentry of China’s Long March 5B core stage will occur on July 30 at 23:21 UTC ± 16 hours. It says it’s too early to determine a “meaningful debris footprint”.

In their tweet, the Aerospace Corporation included a map showing the possible reentry area, which includes large parts of the U.S., Europe, South America, Africa, and Australia. In a statement, the organization noted that “over 88 percent of the world’s population lives under the reentry’s potential debris footprint.”

China has been widely criticized by the international community for its uncontrolled reentries. McDowell explained that we are witnessing the exact same situation as the last two previous years when China allowed rocket stage’s to enter orbit and then reenter Earth’s atmosphere completely uncontrolled. In May last year, another Long March 5B core stage landed in the Indian Ocean.

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