California prepares to ban all gas-powered vehicles from traffic by 2035

“This is monumental. This is the most important thing that CARB has done in the last 30 years. It’s important not just for California, but it’s important for the country and the world,” told California Air Resources Board member Daniel Sperling to CNN.

California prepares to ban all gas-powered vehicles from traffic by 2035

An electric vehicle

According to the New York Times, the new requirements could encourage the federal government and more than a dozen states to adopt similar rules.

Also, other countries are planning to ban the sales of electric vehicles, such as Sweden, Canada, and Denmark.

Sperling said the rules received surprisingly little backlash and that auto companies were backing down on the issue. He stated that automobile companies are also working on the production of zero-emission vehicles internally.

Several companies, including Ford and GM, have announced ambitious plans to move toward zero-emission cars, trucks, and SUVs.

“The car companies see what’s happening in China, in Europe,” Sperling also said. “Many of them have already made announcements about how they’re converting totally to electric vehicles.

Background of the spurt

As per Forbes, California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) 2020 issued an executive order to phase out gasoline-powered cars’ sales to help reduce the transportation sector’s greenhouse gas emissions. The order required the California Air Resources Board to develop regulations.

Many major auto companies have promised to produce low/or even zero-emission vehicles and increase sales. However, they have also called on the federal government to help make sure there is adequate demand and supplies, such as critical minerals required to make electric vehicles, to do so.

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