Brussels Airlines temporarily unable to operate direct flights between Kinshasa and Brussels

Brussels Airlines is unable to directly connect Kinshasa to Brussels due to a limited fuel supply at the airport of the Congolese capital, Belgian tv station RTBF learned from the airline. The Brussels based airline is looking for a structural solution as the fuel limitation is in effect until mid-September.

Flights between Brussels and Kinshasa are of strategic importance for the airline. Flight SN358 had to be canceled on Monday due to a fuel purchase limitation imposed in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Just under 300 passengers were on board and non-residents had to be relocated in hotels in Kinshasa.

Brussels Airlines is looking for solutions to bring them back to Belgium, a difficult task as the next flights between the two capitals are fully booked.

The limitation of 35,000 liters (or 28 tonnes) of kerosene per aircraft, imposed by local fuel suppliers on airlines, is currently in force until mid-September, the company further specified.

Brussels Airlines is therefore working on a structural solution “to continue to guarantee its flights to and from the DRC“.

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