Brussels Airlines pilots file an indefinite strike notice

The trade unions representing the pilots of Brussels Airlines filed Friday an indefinite strike notice within the framework of the social conflict which opposes them to the management of the airline, Christian union CNE/ACV Pulse said.

A survey among the pilots has been carried out in recent days. It shows that 90% of respondents are in favour of strike action, explains Didier Lebbe, permanent secretary of the Christian union.

With regard to the cabin crew, the same survey was launched with the flight attendants after the failure of the conciliation meeting last Tuesday. Depending on the answers, expected for Wednesday, a strike notice could also be filed. In any case, it cannot legally be so before, after the failure of the conciliation meeting on Tuesday, CNE/ACV explains.

It is not yet known when the strike, if any, will take place. It could take place at the end of June or at the beginning of July for a period of three days.

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