Brainwaves synchronize during online games when players aren’t in the same room

  • Study results show inter-brain synchronization during online gaming.
  • If there is empathy and cooperation, inter-brain synchronization is activated.
  • The subjects were tested by placing them in two separate soundproof rooms.

Researchers at the University of Helsinki have demonstrated that the brains of participants synchronize while playing online games, even when the participants are not physically present in the same room.

Inter-brain synchronization happens when two people who are interacting socially become synced in certain emotional and physiological centers in the brain. Such synchronization can produce better performance, problem-solving, and communication.

Many new types of social interactions are occurring online, especially since the COVID pandemic gave everyone a chance to be online more. This trend seems to be holding firm, as more people work from remote locations and investments in social technology grow.

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