Big scare onboard a LOT Dreamliner when a window of the plane cracks in mid-flight

The affected aircraft: LOT Boeing 787-8 SP-LRA

A window of a LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner (registered SP-LRA) operating flight LO7 from Warsaw Chopin airport to New York JFK suddenly cracked, causing a scene of panic on the plane. Fortunately, there was more fear than harm.

As the plane made its descent to John F Kennedy Airport on 20 August, one of its windows began to crack. Panicked, the three passengers in the row next to the window quickly left their seats, screaming for help. Very quickly, the crew wanted to reassure the passengers by asking them to keep calm.

The Boeing 787-8 then continued its descent to land safely 15 minutes later.

The airline has since explained the window seal was not damaged and it was only the electro-photochromic layer used to darken the glass that was affected.

This did not prevent the plane from returning to Warsaw as flight LO34 five hours later with a delay of three hours, the glass having to be replaced as soon as it returned to Poland.

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