Babies in the womb have preferred food flavors like carrots

The researchers, which also included scientists from Aston University, Birmingham, UK, and the National Center for Scientific Research-University of Burgundy, France, used nonmedical 4D ulstrasound scans for the study.

The pregnant women were asked not to eat food in the hour prior to their appointment. Then, each mother was given a capsule containing either the flavor of carrots or kale. One capsule contained approximately 400 milligrams of carrot powder or 400 milligrams of kale powder. There was also a control group, which consisted of mothers who did not ingest either capsule. In total, 100 mothers between the ages of 18 and 40 years old participated in the study.

Time period of study

Researchers conducted 12- and 20-week scans on each mother. They could see the fetuses on the screens and their reactions to the vegetables. Specifically for this study, all women underwent the 4D ultrasound at 32- and 36-week gestation. However, there were a few variables in the testing, due to COVID-19 restrictions or some women had given birth before their 36-week scans.

Facial expressions after exposure to the vegetables

The fetuses responded to their mothers’ ingestion of the vegetables. Most of the fetuses exposed to kale seemed to have “cry-face” responses, while those exposed to carrots showed “laugh-face” reactions.

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